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The Washington Analysis and Assessment Service

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Washington’s reach is global. In finance, energy, mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, trade, defense and politics, decisions made in Washington often determine the success or failure of the enterprise.

The process for making decisions in Washington is often complex and non-transparent. Many centers of power compete with each other: the White House, the federal agencies, the Congress, the Legal System, the Regulators, the Media. Conflicts of interest are endemic. Outcomes are difficult to predict.

If you have American business or interests that depend on an accurate understanding of how Washington works, the Washington Analysis and Assessment Service can act as your guide. We help you understand the factors that affect your project and how it will fare at the hands of Washington’s decision makers. Our aim is to maximize your prospects of success.

WAAS’s services are designed to meet your individual needs. They are precise, prompt and cost-effective. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and discretion.

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